Decorate Your Bedroom Walls with Mood Enhancing Decals

Once in a while, we start to get tired and dis-interested with the look of our interior space. It may be the bedroom, living room, dining area, or simply the bathrooms, but there is this lacklustre look that appears somewhat boring, you feel it needs a pep-up. 
Calming wall decal - 'Window to the Beach'
When we get to feel like this, our interior space needs livening-up. But then we begin to think of the costs, and lay back down with a sigh. But having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t transform the look of your bedroom, or other rooms of your home. A beautiful make-over can be achieved without being 'sent to the poor house!

Liven-up Your Bedroom with Creative Wall Decals and Murals

There is nothing like spicing up your bedroom with creative ideas that’ll make your friends 'green with envy'. Most of us will love a new look bedroom but feel that not much can be done because beds already have a predetermined spot in the room. That’s fine. In fact you can completely change the theme of a room without moving a single piece of furniture out of position.

'Ocean Path' - Mood enhancing removable wall sticker

Wall decals are just the right thing to turn a bland interior space into a dream room because the themes are endless.

From modern and retro wall stickers, to calming water themes prints, applying decals, murals and other forms of ‘wall tattoo’ can quickly change the atmosphere of a bedroom . . . from dull and dreary to cheerful, mood inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing.

Bedroom decals can be used to create an illusion of elegance, for example as an iron headboard for a platform bed. It can be used to create an illusion of living in a penthouse, with a skyscape theme. And it can be made more alluring, to give a look of 'royalty', by adding some Swarovski elements for extra sparkle.

Features and Themes

Decal sizes vary from small to large, and the bedroom’s size and expanse of the wall you intend to apply it on will determine the size(s) you choose. Also, there are hundreds of themes you can use, and you can even create your own design if you are creative or ‘interior decoration inclined’.

'Bird and Flowers' - Wall decal

Themes and scenes range from the classic, as in stained glass designs, to nature themes of trees, Venice canals by night, stars, and butterflies. There are picturesque views of city skylines, exotic beaches, and shooting stars. Inspirational quotes are quite popular and if you love ‘city scapes’ at night, you can only get those with wall murals.

'Earth Moon' Decal


How to Apply Decals


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